Petroleum Coke

Petroleum coke is a special product produced from the pyrolysis or heat of reaction of petroleum. This is an important material in many industries with many different applications.

Calcined petroleum coke, also known as Calcined petroleum coke (abbreviated as CPC), is a petrochemical product whose raw material is green coke.


Carbon content98.5%min
Size1-5mm, 30-70mm, 1-3mm 1-4 mm or as required by customer

Applications of petroleum coke:

  • Calcined Petroleum Coke is an essential ingredient in aluminum production. In fact, each ton of aluminum requires about 0.4 tons of CPC, to make Rain Carbon a “carbon bond”
  • Steel foundry: carburant/graphite electrode/refractory material
  • Industrial field: brake pads/rings/friction plates/heat exchangers/lubricants
  • Battery production: alkaline battery cathode / lithium ion battery cathode
  • Metallurgy: Casting for glass production / graphite crucible / anode for aluminum, titanium smelting industry
  • Glass plate/pencil lead/clay tile/conductive coating

Metallurgical Coke

Metallurgical coke is a type of coal produced from the pyrolysis of carbon materials contained in coal. This is an important raw material in the metallurgical industry, playing an important role in the production of metals such as steel and aluminum.


Metallurgical coke

Carbon : ≥ 80%

Sulfur : ≤ 1%

Ash level : ≤ 20%

Total humidity : 12%

V.M. : ≤ 5%

Particle size : 20-80mm

Particle size : < 20mm < 5%

Chinese metallurgical coke

Carbon : ≥ 85%

Sulfur : < 0.7%

Ash level : ≤ 13%

Total humidity : 7%

V.M. : < 1.5%

Particle size : 20-80mm

Coke bran

Carbon : ≥ 70%

Sulfur : ≤ 2.5%

Total humidity : ≤ 12% maximum

Particle size : 5 ÷ 30mm : 95%

Particle size : < 5mm : 5%


Coke is an important industrial product, used mainly in smelting iron ore and steelmaking.

  • Coke reacts chemically in a furnace above 900 degrees, producing a gas, which plays a role in turning iron ore into iron metal.

  • Coke has a very high heat capacity.

  • Coke contains fewer impurities than other types of coal.

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